Linear Management

Our specialized team in TRADE MARKETING visits with the agreed frequency the points of sale. The benefits you are going to get are:
  • We guarantee that the costumer always finds his product in the Point of Sale.
  • Our team oversees keeping the stocks of products up to date optimally.
  • Gather information about the price of your products and those of your competitors.
  • We take care of negotiating new spaces, decorations and promotions to increasing visibility and positioning of the brand.
  • You receive periodic reports about the activity and results.
  • We monitor the status of the products, avoiding stock shortages.
  • You receive assistance through our specialized staff

POS management

We know the status and behavior of the Points of Sale in real time thanks to our team and our technological solution.

Some of our solutions are:

  • Preparation of planograms
  • Training for Point of Sale Managers.
  • Improve the positioning of brand and products
  • Set up of exhibitors according to the linearity and format of your brand.
  • Monitoring and transmission of useful information for the life of your product
  • Measurement of the stock level of product in storage.
  • We carry out an integral management of the communication material (Advertising place sale)
    • We perform audits in the POS.
    • We study the possible competition.
    • We create brand studies.
    • Mistery shopper.

Promotional marketing

¡Let’s simplify! With CAHER it’s going to make your process simpler and more efficient, since all tasks are centralized in a single trusted provider.

We take care of:

  • Design of promotional action elements such as Brochures, Flyers, Decoration of establishment and everything you need.
  • We take care of the all selection process, recruitment, training and supervision of staff, to make your event unique.
  • Management of the logistics of the promotion.
  • Efficient quality
  • Storage and collection of leftovers.
  • Statistics by centers, regions, chains.
  • Receive reports online. Control of the result for each promotional action.

Knowing that your product is SPECTACULAR, why do not we give free rein to the imagination? Leave everyone open-mouthed with BTL mounts. Be quiet, we take care of the Mounts and Adaptation.


Let your campaigns speak for themselves.
CAHER sselects appropriate and involved staff with the product and with availability to carry out the campaign from start to finish. We offer our services up to 48 hours in advance.

You can have specialized solutions such as:

  • Creation of the Briefing and proposal of the best strategy to achieve the objectives.
  • We select and train the required staff.
  • We manage the logistics of the promotion, select, hire and supervise suppliers
  • We make follow-up reports, get updated information about your promotion

We create added value and drive your promotions to the next level.  Anyone knows the field of promotions like us, we offer new ways to stand out. Creation of events, videos, exhibitions etc.

You break with the daily, you are INCONFORMIST.



More than 15 years in the sector guarantee our experience in transport and storage of merchandise. We offer a range of service based on your requirements, no matter what there are.
  • We take care of the reception of promotional materials or product.
  • We manage the handling, creation and dispatch of shipments.
  • We have a dedicated team of professionals who specialize in special manipulations
  • We perform reverse logistics. Anytime, anywhere.
  • We are specialized in promotional logistics focused on PLV.
  • Manipulation of KITS
  • You indicate where you are and we are going to take you, at the National or International
  • Conventional or dedicated transportation. You choose

Tactical Campaigns

You Achieve your sales targets thanks to our TACTICAL campaigns.

¡Shh!, a secret…

We have created a UNIQUE and CAHER’s own solution.

  1. We manage the PLV including the withdrawal of the same.
  2. We make integral logistic service.
  3. The all campaign is visible ONLINE

We managed to carry out the whole life process of a promotional campaign. From the beginning to end.

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